WORLDEF: A Pioneer in the Global E-Commerce Arena


WORLDEF is a global institution that organizes pioneering events to transform the global e-commerce ecosystem. By bringing together e-commerce entrepreneurs, businesses, and industry leaders worldwide, we facilitate their prominence in global trade. Our events share the latest innovations in the sector, enabling professionals from various layers of the business world to grow together.

WORLDEF ISTANBUL: An E-Commerce Fair in Türkiye

Taking place in the heart of Istanbul from June 6-8, 2024, WORLDEF ISTANBUL focuses on e-commerce and retail technologies. This three-day fair will feature in-depth sessions on e-commerce strategies, innovative marketing techniques, and logistics solutions for visitors. Panel discussions and workshops with global e-commerce leaders will provide opportunities to learn about the latest industry trends and network. Register now to claim your place on the global e-commerce stage!

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WORLDEF DUBAI: A Meeting Point for Innovation and Technology

Dubai will host the WORLDEF DUBAI event on December 4-5, 2024, in partnership with Dubai CommerCity as the main strategic partner. This event will feature speakers specialized in e-commerce, selling on Amazon and global marketplaces, artificial intelligence, and the digital transformation of trade. Visitors will have the opportunity to discover innovative practices in the global e-commerce market and establish international business connections. Don’t miss this chance to expand your thoughts on the future of e-commerce and grow your network!

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Opportunities for Global Interaction and Collaboration

Both WORLDEF events offer industry professionals and business leaders the chance to learn about the latest developments in the global e-commerce ecosystem and expand their international business networks. Whether you are a new entrepreneur or an experienced business executive, these events provide valuable insights and collaboration opportunities. Join the WORLDEF events in Istanbul or Dubai to make your mark on the global e-commerce stage.

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