How to Discover New Selling Product Ideas from Competitors ? Use Amazon Storefront Tracker To Be the First to Know Competitor's New Release


There are many ways to select products based on data, such as Amazon’s Best Seller list and Movers & Shakers, and utilizing SellerSprite’s Product Research to select products that meet the established criteria or finding opportunity market in SellerSprite’s Market Research. This new function - Shop Tracking is also a method of selecting products. Unlike conventional product selection, it adopts a follow-up strategy to monitor strong rivals’ new products in their storefronts. Their product is selected with careful consideration. It is better to follow up when their products are still in the cradle than to follow up after they have captured the market.

Shop Tracking has two main features.

1.View new products at each time

It allows you to view the number of new products that have been launched in the last 7/15/30/60 days with real-time updates daily. Why the maximum setting is 60 days? Because there is a new product traffic support period on Amazon, which lasts for more than one month.

2.View market analysis report in real-time
When we want to check the specific product and its corresponding subdivided market to judge whether it is worth releasing, we just need to click the number to view the specific new product and its data of each dimension and click the time period above to switch to view all new products in the last 60 days. In the meantime, you can get the market report by clicking the “Market Analysis” below.

How to track a competitor’s storefront?
Firstly, click on SellerSprite -Tracking Sprite - New Releases Tracking. Then find “Add Storefront”, the list will pop up on the right. Choose the marketplace, fill in the seller ID(How to find the Amazon seller ID, please click here.), and set a tag, which will help unify the management.

For the newly added storefront, it needs a while to see the data of each dimension. System updates once a day;

In normal use, the following metrics can help you quickly know a storefront.
1. Check the storefront information, including the name, reviews in the last 12 months, the star rating, the seller ID, and the storefront link. The basic information of storefront can help us roughly understand this storefront, and compare it with our own.
2. Set a tag. It can facilitate our later management. If there are a lot of storefronts under tracking, you can search quickly according to the tag.
3. The number of new products that have been launched in the last 7/15/30/60 days. Click the number to view the specific new product and its data of each dimension. If a product performs well, you can click the “Market analysis” button to further analyse.
4. New Products’ Category. It is the main category of new products that have been launched in the last 60 days. Compared with Products’ Main Category, it reflects the product strategy of sellers, whether the brand type or trade type.
5. Products. The number of products crawled from the first 30 pages of the storefront. You can just click the number to view it on Amazon.
6. Products’ Main Category. It is the category of the top 100 products sorted by reviews, which reflects whether the storefront is boutique or distribution type, and its competitiveness.
If you want to stop tracking, just click the “Stop Tracking” button below.

SellerSprite - Shop Tracking integrates the two major functions of tracking and market research, which is aiming to help the majority of sellers to better select products.

However, although the opponent's product is selected with careful consideration, we also need to have our own judgment and make good use of SellerSprite - Market Research.

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