Amazon's Gated & Ungated Categories: A Detailed Insight

Have you ever felt puzzled about what you can sell on Amazon when you start your online business? In fact, for Amazon sellers, not everything is allowed to sell on Amazon without Amazon's approval because there are actually some categories restricted by Amazon. In this blog, we'll delve into the gated & ungated categories on Amazon for a detailed insight.

Understand Amazon's Gated & Ungated Categories

On Amazon, "Ungated" categories represent segments where sellers are free to list and sell products without obtaining prior approval from Amazon. This contrasts with "Gated" categories, which require sellers to undergo a vetting process, proving their products meet specific criteria before being allowed to sell. Ungated categories offer a broader realm for sellers to explore diverse product lines, contributing to a more straightforward selling experience on the platform.
The currently gated categories on Amazon USA include:
  • Postage stamps
  • Collectible Coins
  • Fine Art
  • Jewelry
  • Join Amazon Subscription Boxes
  • Made in Italy
  • Music & DVD
  • Services
  • Sports Collectibles
  • Streaming Media Players
  • Video, DVD & Blu-ray
  • Watches
  • Sony PlayStation Requirements in Video Games
Please note that the list of restricted categories is updated regularly. You can keep track of any changes at Seller Central

Why Amazon Gates Categories

Amazon's gating policy is designed to maintain high standards of quality and ensure a safe shopping environment for its customers. This vetting process is particularly stringent for categories involving consumables, health-related products, or high-value items, where the potential for fraud or harm is significant. By gating categories, Amazon aims to:
  1. Ensure Product Authenticity: Combat counterfeit goods and protect brand integrity. Some products are prone to fraud, such as sports souvenirs, where more than half of the products sold are counterfeit.
  2. Guarantee Quality and Safety: Ensure products meet health and safety standards. Some categories pose safety or health risks. Poor quality or counterfeit auto parts can cause cars to malfunction, and homemade wine can cause discomfort. Therefore, these categories are subject to strict separation.
  3. Protect Consumers and Amazon: A poor customer experience can damage a company's reputation. By restricting certain categories and reducing counterfeit and low-quality products, Amazon can protect consumers and also benefit their brand image, creating a win-win situation.

How to Check If A Product on Amazon Is Gated

  1. Log into your Seller Central account;
  2. Find the "Catalog" option on the homepage or menu of Seller Central and click to enter;
  3. On the Catalog page, find and click the "Add a Product" option;
  4. On the "Add a Product" page, you can search for the product you want to check by ASIN, product name, or other related information;
  5. After selecting the target product, go to its page and check the information at the top of the page;
  6. At the top of the product page, you will see information about whether the product is gated. Typically, if a product is restricted, it will display a corresponding label or status.

Please note that these steps may change depending on updates in the Amazon Seller Central. Make sure to follow the most current interface and guidelines. Additionally, you might sometimes need to submit documents or applications to lift restrictions on a product, depending on Amazon's specific gating policy on the product or category.

The Challenges of Gated Categories

While gating protects consumers and upholds quality, it poses challenges for sellers, including:
  • Barrier to Entry: New and small sellers may find it difficult to meet the stringent requirements for selling in gated categories.
  • Increased Costs: The approval process might involve additional fees, such as purchasing products for testing or obtaining certifications.
  • Limited Flexibility: Sellers are restricted in diversifying their product range swiftly, potentially hindering their ability to respond to market trends.

How to Get Approval of Gated Categories from Amazon

For sellers determined to break into gated categories:
  • Log into your Amazon Seller Central account;
  • From the Inventory menu select Add a Product;
  • Search for the item you want to sell;
  • In the search results, click the Listing limitations apply link next to the item;
  • Click the Request Approval button to begin the application process.
Sometimes, your application for gated categories may be rejected. If you want to track your application status, please follow:
  • Log into your Seller Central Account;
  • Select Add Inventory;
  • Select Add a Product;
  • Click the link Selling Application Status.


Amazon’s gated and ungated categories system plays a crucial role in maintaining the platform’s integrity and customer trust. While gated categories present hurdles for sellers, they also offer opportunities to capitalize on less saturated markets and build a reputation for quality and reliability. Understanding and navigating these regulations can significantly impact a seller's ability to succeed and grow on Amazon. 

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