Crochet Kits Market Report for 2023


A crochet kit, also known as a crochet set, is a traditional package that mainly consists of crochet tools and yarn. Since the 16th to 21st century, many Americans have learned weaving techniques, and over time, the art of hand-weaving has gradually been integrated into clothing, accessories, and household items, becoming part of social activities. In the era of intelligent media, it is a trend to combine traditional craftsmanship with modern design. Young people enjoy mental consumption and like to combine handicrafts with DIY, giving their interests a personalized label. To support handmade traditional crafts, Amazon has launched Amazon Handmade in the US market, providing a sales platform for handicraft sellers. One of the essential material foundations for all these developments is the crochet kit. Therefore, this report aims to provide a brief analysis of the Crochet Kits segment under Amazon's US market, including market trends, product offerings, competitors, profits, and more.

· Market analysis

· Product analysis

· Competitive analysis

· Profit analysis

1. Market analysis

•According to the sales volume from 2018 to 2023, consumers' demand for crochet sets has suddenly risen in the past 1 year, and the market prospects for this winter are worth looking forward to.

•Except for 2021, annual sales volume has shown a positive growth trend every year, and the annual growth rate is as high as 80%, and the growth rate is rapid.

•Based on recent sales data, it is expected that annual sales in 2023 are expected to exceed 700,000, and the growth rate is expected to reach 147.15% compared with 2022.

Category Keywords ABA Ranking Trends

•In terms of the ABA keyword ranking trend with crochet, the keyword combination of kits and hooks will rank a little higher, and although animals rank low, it is a new word, and there will be no ABA ranking before the beginning of 2022, and it will rush to about 10W in a few months, which has great potential for development.

Product analysis

Crochet set (with styling) product analysis

· Consists of a set of crochet tools, including: crochet, crochet yarn, filler, crochet accessories (scissors, needles, stitches, safety eyes, etc.), tutorials for specific styling (PDF, videos, paper instructions, etc.)

· The amount of materials matched: at least ensure that the style of the tutorial can be compiled, and most of them will be equipped with 20~40% more yarn.

· In the product description, they emphasize words such as "there are videos", "step-by-step tutorials", and "beginners", mainly for beginners, to eliminate the confusion of "difficult to get started".

Price analysis

· Product price band layout: $15-$22.99 price range, ASIN accounts for the largest proportion, the middle price segment is definitely the first choice for sellers to price.

· New product price band proportion: New products cover all price ranges of products, with the highest proportion of $15-$22.99 in the middle of the same price range, and the new product rate is eye-catching. The price segment above $27 accounts for a high proportion of sales, but it has a lot of contingency.

Brands Sales

· According to the brand breakdown sales data of crochet suits (with styling), although The Woobles has only 2 products, one is BSR long-term first, and the other has a unit price of $119, occupying half of the market as a whole.

· The Woobles, an American seller, will start doing in 2022, the brand currently has a total of less than 10 products, all crochet sets, vertical operations, and has local advantages, is a strong competitor.

· Crochetta, a seller in Shenzhen, stores of 23 Feedback, will start to do crochet set products in 2023, the brand completely copies The Woobles model, but the speed of new and fast operation is fast, and it has successfully seized some markets.

· The monthly sales of 12 brands in the entire category are greater than 1000, whether it is a single ASIN brand or a multi-ASIN brand, the sales data performance is very good, and many ASINs are still in the new product period.

Brand Monopoly

The top three sales of category brands account for 45%, and the top ten sales account for 66%, which has a certain sense of brand monopoly effect, but because in the early stage of development, there is not much competition, this monopoly value may be unstable, and new brands and new products may not necessarily have the opportunity to enter.

Sales of Crochet Kits Category Brands

•Among the brands to which the products belong in the TOP100, there are a total of 69 brands, and 5 of the top 10 brands (The Woobles, Crochetta, CrochetBox, MAGIMUSE, HEJIN) are among the top with excellent new product performance.

Competitive Analysis

Basic Information

Consumer Portrait

From the basic crowd portrait, we can see that the basic consumer portrait of DIY knitting set is:
predominantly female group users; Making crafts at home during holidays or in their leisure time on the road can help them relax, pass time, and gain a sense of physical accomplishment.

Basic population division

New crowd portrait excavation

From the crowd identity trends and venue data, the following three types of population segments are our main target groups:
Knitting enthusiasts: 28.3% of the people who mentioned themselves as knitting enthusiasts but have not tried crochet crafts are handmade and have some relevant experience.
Beginners: 14.3% of the reviewers mentioned that they are new to crochet, and they buy products to learn the basics of crochet and complete the production
Student Groups/Girl Scouts: Teachers buy for students/Scouts, or students buy their own

Crowd analysis

· From the portrait of the basic population, it can be seen that the biggest difference between crochet products and common knitted products is that the finished product is simple and small. Usually, entry-level knitted products will require a long time investment, so that the finished product can be put into daily life, and the practicality is strong, but for small handicrafts such as crochet needles, products that mainly bear daily stress reduction and kill time, beautiful and simple to use are more important for consumers such as daily office workers, children over 12 years old and beginners.

· In the face of different niche groups, we need to emphasize the value of the product match. For example, beginners highlight detailed teaching videos and teaching instructions, for knitting enthusiasts to highlight the diversity and richness of products, can customize color styles, etc., to produce unique weaving crafts.

Usage Scenarios

Basic scene distribution:

· Gift-giving is considered to be the most frequent scene, and combined with crowd analysis, it is given as a gift for children in Christmas, Easter and birthday scenes.

· Handicraft production and crochet learning are the second step of the scene, corresponding to product design, it is necessary to highlight the beautiful finished product, diverse styles, simple and easy to learn, and the beautiful finished product is also conducive to the secondary communication of customers.

· Kill time, buy an alternative to other entertainment methods to cope with long travel trips or spend a leisurely afternoon at home.

New scenes

Seasonal scenarios: Except for the annual Amazon sales season (July Prime Day), the peak demand for scenarios is in December every winter. Combined with the winter season attributes and high-frequency festival holiday scenes, November ~ December is the best period for scene marketing.

Review and Demand Analysis

There are two factors that most influence the decline in product stars: insufficient yarn, poor tutorials.The mention rate exceeds the average level and customers give ratings below 3 stars.

NR/PR mainly shows consumer satisfaction and product quality, and is also the direct cause of low star/high star. Product star ratings are also one of the influencing factors for shopping conversion. The reasons for NR/PR summarized from the above AI can be divided into the following categories:

From the above NR/PR, it can be concluded that we will continue to emphasize the characteristic appearance of the product as an accessory and the simplicity of production during the operation process, and express it in a scene atmosphere. At the same time, while continuously improving the quality of product materials and accessories, we must use paper manuals, customer service, QA, pictures, videos and other means to let customers clearly know the production steps of products, and strengthen consumers' self-examination and self-repair capabilities.

Product design advice

· Basic requirements for the product: easy to use, high-quality yarn material, and interesting design.

· Unique advantages of the product: upgraded hardware accessories, detailed usage instructions, and compact and portable packaging.

· Diversification of styles: In addition to the teenage group, the product can also target working adults as users by adding styles and patterns that appeal to them. The product line can be expanded to include other yarn materials, and different texture sets can be sold according to the season.

· Key optimization: Address the issues of insufficient yarn and poor quality tutorials.

Operational Optimization Suggestions

· Emphasize selling points with various forms of usage instructions, providing comprehensive guidance and support.

· Highlight selling points with versatile scenarios, creating a relaxed atmosphere for various occasions such as holiday gifts, leisure at home, and travel.

· Utilize FAQs, customer service, and operation manuals to assist customers in troubleshooting and enhance service quality.

Marketing advice

· Focus on winter holiday season and gift marketing. Apart from beginners, try to categorize knitting difficulty levels and differentiate styles.

· Combine classic movie or TV characters such as Star Wars or SpongeBob, or add birthday zodiac signs to the styles to attract more customers.

· Offer combination or group purchase options: Combine accessories for sale or bundle different styles of yarn into a set of dolls for collection purposes.


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