Candle Warmer Lamps Market Report for 2023


Candle warmer lamp, originated from candles and table lamps, is a combination of aromatherapy and lighting effects of decoration. Generally speaking, a candle warmer lamp consists of five core parts: candle, candlestick, lampshade, base, hook, or handle. Compared to traditional desk lamps or candles, they are more refined in appearance and can not only provide soft and warm light, but also be used for home decoration and atmosphere creation. In addition, with the progress of science and technology, the function of aromatherapy candle lamp is also developing rapidly. In terms of product iteration, higher requirements are put forward for appearance, style, environmental protection, heating, timing and other aspects. Therefore, this report aims to provide a brief analysis of the Candle Lamps market segment in the Amazon US market, including market, products, competing products, profits, etc., hoping to provide valuable information for Amazon cross-border sellers and industry stakeholders.

Candle Warmer Lamps Market Analysis

Category Keywords Google Trends

· Each keyword has Google search popularity, most of which show a relatively stable state, and a few keywords candle lamp and candle warmer lamp have obvious seasonal fluctuations . Moreover, candle warmer lamp is relatively new, and the search popularity began to stabilize in 2022.

· From a one-year trend, the trend began to rise around September and peaked in December.

· The keywords under this product include:

candle lamp

candle warmer lamp

wax melt warmer

candle warmer plate

electric candle warmer

Category Keywords ABA Ranking Trends

· In terms of the ABA ranking position of keywords, the ranking position of the core keyword candle lamp is lower than that of candle warmer lamp, indicating that candle lamps with heating function in congeneric products are more popular with consumers than those without heating function.

· According to the trend of keyword ABA ranking, basically from November to January of the following year, it will be the peak season of aromatherapy candle lights.

BSR sales

· In the annual changes of sales volume in the past 5 years, the growth rate has been positive and negative. Compared with 2020, there has been a downward trend in 2021, but the market size has returned to its previous size in 2022. The growth rate is expected to reach 67% in 2023, and the annual sales volume is expected to reach 760,000 .

· In terms of monthly sales, aromatherapy candle lights start to rise in July each year and reach the peak of sales in December, with obvious seasonality .

· Before August 2022, the number of products was relatively stable and small , and after August, the number of products began to rise, and now it has reached about 1000 . It can be seen that the market development time is short, about 1 year.

In summary, the market size of aromatherapy candle lamp is not large, at present, the annual sales should be around 760,000, the market continues to grow, and the proportion of new products in this segment market is as high as 54%, for similar new products to enter the TOP100 list, It is not particularly difficult.

Product analysis

Customized product categories

1. Candle lights, on the basis of candlesticks, add bulb heating to provide more abundant light source and warmth, and can also extend the burning time of candles. Among various styles, the average price is the highest, while Chinese sellers only rank third in proportion. Perhaps due to the small number of Chinese sellers, the price is not inflated, slightly higher than candle lights with timers.

2. On the basis of the candle heating lamp, a timer is added to turn off the lighting function regularly, which not only meets the basic functions, but also increases the satisfaction of "expected demand". Among various styles, the sales volume, sales amount, Per Customer Transaction, and ASIN number are the highest.

3. Another way to heat candles is to use a heating base, which can extend the burning time of candles, make melted candles more uniform, absorb excess wax oil to prevent waste and pollution, etc. Among various styles, the average sales volume of a single ASIN ranks second.

4. Lighting with a candle shape has nothing to do with the "candle" entity. It is a pure lighting product with a high demand for holidays such as Christmas and Halloween. Among various styles, none of the indicators are outstanding, but it belongs to seasonal products. Due to the special shape, it carries a part of rigid demand.

5. The replacement bulbs for candle lamps are generally sold in combination (starting from 4 or 6 in a group). Due to the small size and easy wear and tear of the bulbs, the demand is also high. Among various styles, monthly sales account for the second largest proportion, and Chinese sellers account for the second largest proportion, with the lowest average price, but the average sales of a single ASIN are the highest.

Style analysis of candle warmer lamp (with timer):

· According to the product composition, the main components are candlesticks, light bulbs, light bulb supports, timers, power cords, and power supplies.

· According to the material of the product, the bulb support structure is mostly made of metal, and the candlestick part is mostly made of metal, wood, or mixed materials.

· According to the product color, warm colors such as gold, white, black, beige, and wood are the main colors.

· According to the product portfolio, some products will be sold with replacement light bulbs.

Aromatherapy candle lamp (with timer) product analysis:

· From the following chart, it can be seen that the aromatherapy candle lamp with timer function has been trending well in recent years, whether it is year-on-year or month-on-month, it tends to rise .

· From the sales trend in recent years, there is almost no monthly sales before 2022, which is consistent with the trend of product category quantity, indicating that the product type is relatively new in this market, and the development time is just over a year.

· Synchronous observation of the trend of changes in the number of ratings found that since the beginning of 2023, the cumulative evaluation has been relatively fast, and it has remained at around 700 so far. The market is in the initial embryonic stage , and there are not particularly many comments compared to other categories.

Price analysis of aromatherapy candle lamps (with timers)

Aromatherapy candle lamp (with timer) brand sales

· In the brand performance of aromatherapy candle lights with timers, except for TigQiang, which has 2 ASINs, all other brands have only 1 ASIN. The sales proportion of each brand is balanced, and there is no situation of monopolizing the market. Moreover, the top 9 brands have only one ASIN, with monthly sales exceeding 1000, which performs relatively well.

· Upon careful examination of the brand and seller performance, most of them may be individual entrepreneurial sellers. Therefore, there are not many products in the store, and there is no plan to further study the product line. This may be related to the market size and actual situation, but the operational ability is strong, and attention is paid to the details of the products.

· Many brand sellers have recently received negative feedback, mostly mentioning product quality issues. Therefore, in terms of supply chain selection and product quality inspection, it is necessary to be mentally prepared in advance.

New direction inspiration

1. Styling

From the New Releases list, there are not many new directions for this product, most of which are the same style as the TOP100. Some innovations are focused on the overall shape of the lamp (as shown on the right), which can attract customers' attention at the first time.

2. Timer

In the New Releases list, the number of products with timers has increased significantly, accounting for 74%.

3. Replace the light bulb

In the New Releases list, the number of products carrying replacement bulbs has also increased significantly.

Consumer profile

From the basic Group Profile, we can see that the basic usage scenario of scented candle lamps is to give them as gifts to friends and family.

Purchasers are mainly women, accounting for 70%. They use them at home after work or as scented candle accessories at specific times such as festivals , which can help them relax, increase the atmosphere, and avoid open flames for safety.

From the crowd identity trend and venue data, the following 3 types of segmented groups are our main target groups:

Families with pets or babies : 21% of reviews mentioned having pets or babies at home. They all like scented candles, but they are also very concerned about the safety of pets and children. Candle lights are a safer choice than open flames.

College students : 28.6% of the reviews mentioned that they are college students who like to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere in their dormitory rooms, because dormitories generally have no open flame regulations. This innovative product provides a unique way for them to enjoy a candle-like soothing atmosphere without worrying about safety or violations

People with gift-giving needs : 19.8% of the reviews mentioned buying them as gifts, which is very suitable for gift-giving scenes on various holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother's Day, birthdays, and new home warming gifts.

Base scene distribution

· Family life scene:

Home fragrance: During family gatherings or regular breaks, scented candle lamps can add a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere to the living room/bedroom, creating a relaxing and reassuring environment

Home decoration: usually small in size and exquisitely designed, it can be flexibly placed in different positions, such as on the dining table, bookshelf, or windowsill, as an artistic decorative element, adding an artistic atmosphere and personalized style to the home.

· Gift-giving scenario: Gifted as a gift on various occasions, including business gifts, holiday gifts, etc.

New scenario exploration

· Workspace: Can be used in the office to create a comfortable and focused work environment, which helps to improve work efficiency.

· SPA and massage parlors: provide customers with a more peaceful and relaxing experience, enhancing the overall quality of service.

· Yoga and meditation centers: In conjunction with meditation and yoga practices, they can help people relax and focus better.

Purchase motivation

Although both scented candle lamps and traditional scented candles can release the scent of candles, there are still some differences between them. We can analyze why people tend to buy scented candle lamps from several aspects.

1. Design is beautiful and modern.

Modern design makes scented candle lights more attractive and can better integrate into the decoration style of modern homes. Adjustable lighting effects can add warmth and atmosphere to the space, providing more levels of sensory experience.

2. Safety:

Many scented candle lamps are equipped with an automatic shutdown function to avoid the dangers of open flames and prolonged unattended situations. Compared to traditional candles, some scented candle lamps do not produce smoke when extinguished, making them friendly to babies, pets, and sensitive people.

3. Versatility:

Aromatherapy candle lights usually combine multiple functions, such as dimming and timing, which can be adjusted according to personal needs and preferences. Some advanced aromatherapy candle lights are also equipped with additional functions such as Bluetooth speakers, enhancing the user experience.

4. Gift options:

Aromatherapy candle lamps often have exquisite packaging and design, which can be used as a niche and special gift, giving people a delicate and private feeling, and are very popular gift choices.

Product evaluation and requirement analysis

The factors that most affect the decline of product star rating are mainly product functional defects , with the highest number of mentions, an average star rating of about 3.5, followed by quality problems , with high mentions and rating stars less than 3 stars

NR /PR mainly shows consumer satisfaction and product quality, which is also the direct reason for low star/high star. Product star rating is also one of the influencing factors of shopping conversion. The reasons for NR/PR summarized from the above AI can be divided into the following categories:

From the above NR /PR, it can be concluded that for aromatherapy candle lamps, product design should be higher on the priority list of optimization of circuit and material quality to ensure its durability and safety, especially by adding an automatic shutdown function to prevent overheating problems. At the operational level, not only should the speed and efficiency of after-sales services be strengthened to ensure timely resolution of customer problems, but also the pricing strategy should be adjusted to align with the product value, so as to better highlight the cost-effectiveness of the product and win the trust and satisfaction of consumers.

Comprehensive Feasibility Proposal

1. Product design recommendations

· The basic requirements of the product are to improve quality, strengthen the design and quality inspection of the lamp socket circuit, and reduce the problem of circuit burnout or poor contact.

· The unique advantage of the product: enhanced heat output to ensure effective melting of candles, which is the biggest pain point for users.

· Enhance User Experience:

Consider adding a remote control switch to make it easier to control and operate remotely, which can also avoid the risk of high-temperature burns.

For the representation of colors and images, ensure that they are consistent with the actual product, or indicate possible color differences in promotional materials.

2. Operation optimization suggestions

· Consider balancing price and cost to ensure the cost-effectiveness of the product. Consider launching different product lines to meet different price demands.

· The selling point emphasizes multi-scene atmosphere, safety and comfort: holiday gifts, night skincare to help sleep, reading and watching movies and leisure atmosphere, increasing the companionship atmosphere of pets and children. Main picture

· FAQ , customer service, operation manual to assist customers in troubleshooting and improving services

3. Marketing activities

· Emphasize the product's high quality, beautiful appearance design, effective candle melting ability, and ease of use in market promotion.

· At the same time, it can highlight its characteristics of solving open flame problems and reducing safety hazards, expand customer groups such as pet owners and childcare groups, and strengthen the sense of security of sensitive customer groups.

· Collaborate with aromatherapy brands such as "Bath & Body Works" to highlight appearance design features such as marquee and starry sky projection, attracting new customers from related brands.

· Organize special offers or holiday promotions to attract price-sensitive consumers.


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