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Unlocking Success: Analyzing Competitor Advertising Strategies with SellerSprite
In this blog, we'll explore how to analyze competitor advertising principles using SellerSprite, focusing on two key aspects: Advertising Type and Advertising Insight Operation.
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Uncover Your Competitors' Amazon PPC Keywords: A Comprehensive Guide
This article will provide you with a thorough understanding of Amazon ads, and how to find your competitors' PPC keywords using Amazon Automatic Ads, Amazon Manual Ads, Amazon sponsored products.
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Amazon Sellers Should Pay More Attention to TACOS than ACOS for Advertising
When evaluating the success of an Amazon advertising campaign, you may usually see ACOS. But is it okay to just rely on ACOS? There is no doubt that ACOS is a reliable metric, but over the past few months, TACOS has become a popular metric for evaluating sales and advertising conversions.
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Why is ACOS Higher When You Lower The Advertising PPC Bid
When running PPC ads on Amazon, many sellers lower their bids because ACOS is too high.
But the reality is always different from people's imagination.
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How to Adjust Bids Based On AD Placement On Amazon
Amazon PPC ads have multiple placements, including the top of the search results page, other placements, and product detail page. Obviously, the conversion rate, click rate, and cost-per-click vary greatly for each AD placement.
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