Uncover Amazon Marketing Strategies: How to analyze Traffic Source of Your Competitors?


In the fiercely competitive realm of e-commerce, gaining an edge over rivals is paramount. Discovering the secrets behind your competitors' customer acquisition methods can be a game-changer. SellerSprite's "Keyword Distribution" feature is your secret weapon, offering two potent avenues for acquiring invaluable insights: keyword-based analysis and ASIN-based exploration. In this blog, we're going to delve deep into these features and unveil how they can elevate your Amazon game to new heights.

Keyword-based Analysis: Unmasking Amazon's Titans

1. Unearth Your Key Rivals:

By simply inputting keywords relevant to your product, SellerSprite exposes products that have consistently held the spotlight in the top 3 pages of search results over the last 30 days. These are the key players you need to keep an eye on, the ones setting the pace in your niche.

2. Decode Traffic Sources:

This ingenious tool goes further by dissecting the origins of traffic for each product. Are your competitors thriving on organic traffic, or are they investing heavily in paid advertising? This knowledge enables you to tailor your strategy to outperform them where it matters most.

3. Gauge Market Dynamics:

Numbers tell a compelling story. Amazon search pages usually flaunt 40-60 products per page, tallying up to 200 across 3 pages. When your keyword search yields a high number of results, it signifies a dynamic marketplace where new products frequently elbow their way into the top 3 pages. Conversely, a lower number hints at a stable hierarchy that's harder for newcomers to penetrate.

Consider the fierce 3C product category. A search for "USB charger" revealed a mere 319 products, signaling a tightly controlled sub-category.

Monitoring this number's fluctuations over time can be your compass in navigating the ever-changing market.

ASIN-Based Analysis: Unveiling the Blueprints of Success

1. Decrypt Traffic Structures:

Inputting an ASIN opens the door to discovering the traffic sources for that product and its various iterations. This treasure trove includes organic search traffic, Amazon's Choice, and the firepower of PPC advertising. Scrutinizing the quantity of each traffic keyword unveils the product's traffic blueprint. Does it heavily rely on natural search keywords or lean into the world of paid advertising?

2. Identify Best-Selling Variants:

Natural traffic keyword counts can be your compass to pinpoint the best-performing variant among competitors. This insight is your golden ticket to crafting precision-targeted product positioning advertisements.

3. Unmask Advertising Strategies:

Different types of advertising keywords can lift the curtain on a product's marketing playbook. For instance, an abundance of SP (Sponsored Products) advertising keywords signals a focus on this advertising avenue. Furthermore, monitoring which ASIN boasts the highest recent count of advertising keywords uncovers the primary variant— a strategic ace up your sleeve for tailored advertising campaigns.

Consider ASIN B0788GKSZ9 as a case study. Its data may reveal a striking dominance of natural search keywords, indicating a strong reliance on organic traffic. 

By toggling the timeframe, you might spot shifts in the ratio of natural to advertising keywords, shedding light on evolving advertising strategies.

By incorporating these insights into your Amazon marketing playbook, you can rise above the competition. Whether you're on the hunt for rival intel, striving to comprehend their tactics, or aiming to finesse your advertising game, SellerSprite's "Keyword Distribution" feature arms you with the arsenal needed to thrive.

Embrace the power of data-driven decisions and watch your Amazon venture skyrocket. Stay ahead of the pack by regularly dissecting traffic sources and adapting your strategy accordingly. With the right insights, you can position yourself as an undisputed leader in your Amazon niche. The path to domination starts here.

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