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Analyze the Market

  • Execute market analysis reports with 26+ customizable dimensions
  • Over 20M unique datasets available and updated monthly
  • Track competitor storefronts with daily updates on new products, dominant categories
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Discover Products

  • Research a product's historical trends over the past 3 years
  • Database includes detailed listing information, including BSR, Price, Ratings, Units Sold, and more
  • Monitor any active listings and receive updates every 24 hours
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Mine Keywords

  • All-encompassing search volume database based on the industry leading algorithm
  • Track keyword(s) daily rank change while gathering traffic-driving keywords by ASIN
  • Find the power of every keyword within your chosen sub-market

SellerSprite Browser Extension (80% Functionality of Web Version)

  • Keepa replacement showing histories of the listing
  • Product Research: View a listing’s sales trends in seconds directly from Amazon
  • Reverse ASIN Keywords: Isolate and record the listing’s traffic-driving keywords
  • Keyword Mining: Discover the efficacy of any keyword in the market today and keyword suggestion
  • Keyword Checker: Check the power of any keyword towards an ASIN, as expressed in listing location/ranking upon a search
  • Download Listing Photos and A+ Images, Customer Images, Reviews and Q&A with one click
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ABA Search Terms

  • Integrated data collection from the Amazon Brand Analytics (ABA) Tool
  • View keyword search frequency ranking over the past 14 weeks
  • See current consumer demand within the market updated weekly
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Market Research新功能

  • Digital data-driven product research shown to increase seller success rates by over 50%
  • 150,000+ in-depth market analysis reports for markets from 7 Amazon Marketplaces worldwide
  • An experienced seller may have knowledge on navigating 200 (1%) of the total sub-markets available (20,000+) on Amazon, SellerSprite pilots the remaining uncharted 99%
  • Access extensive datasets on a sub-market, instantly viewing current and historical trends using 24+ customizable data metrics which direct a seller into uncontested market territory
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Keyword Sprite

  • Keyword Mining: Discover the most competitive, traffic-driving keywords to use in a listing and PPC campaign
  • Keyword Research: Unveil potential sub-markets, find thriving niches, and assess consumer trends
  • Reverse ASIN Keywords: Identify the most powerful keywords utilized by competitors
  • Study the most accurate keyword search volume database containing historical data over the past 2 years
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Product Sprite

  • Dive into a database of over 20M product listings with monthly updated sales data
  • Uncover competitor sales trends over the past 3 years based on category, keyword, brand, or seller
  • Discover profitable products currently listed on Amazon based on sales growth, ratings rate, search trends and more
  • Capitalize on market growth by tracking products revealing high sales volume within the most recent month
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Tracking Sprite

Product & Keyword Tracker

  • Track historical changes in price, sales, ratings, and BSR for any product on Amazon
  • Monitor competitors to gain a bird’s eye view of their strategy in regards to product and keyword selection

Storefront Tracker

  • Track your, or your competitors, keyword’s daily ranking and visualize the changes
  • Experience organization on a brand new level, revolutionizing the keyword tracking process
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