Guide on SellerSprite Chrome Extension

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SellerSprite extension has updated to version v2.9.5 and added a ton of useful features.


New Features

【Brand Checker】to check whether your Listing title and bullet points use the unauthorized brand words.

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9 main features: The copy of Keepa Extension, Product Research, Reverse ASIN Keyword, Keyword Mining, keyword Checker, Bulk Request Review, Listing Quality Score, Product Page Quick View, Brand Checker!

1. The copy of Keepa Extension-lifetime free trial

Work the same as Keepa, but provide a more clean dashboard, and support data download. All data can be traced back to the date when the listing launched.

Tips: all the numbers in blue could be clicked, and you're able to view the trends or more details.

2. Product Research-get product insights 

Get data insight into the products on the search result page you’re viewing, including monthly sales, revenue, sales trends, price, BSR, reviews, rating, etc. Learn More.

3. Reverse ASIN Keyword-find competitor keywords

Discover which keywords your competitors rank for on the Listing page, these keywords are crucial for your listing and PPC optimization.

4. Keyword Mining-get keywords for listing and PPC
Discover all the keywords related to your target market based on the keywords in the search box.
Intelligent Mining: find out the core keywords related to the search results.
Get Keywords: find out the keywords that include the keywords entered in the search box.

5. keyword Checker-see if your keywords get indexed
Check to see if your products are showing up in the search results for your top keywords in 30 seconds.

6. Bulk Request Review-request reviews with one click
Enable seller to filter orders, and send review requests for orders in bulk, or individually.

7. Listing Quality Score-see Listing’s performance
To see whether a listing is fully optimized.

8. Product Quick View
View product info and data without having to enter into the listing page.

9. Review/QA Download-get shopper's pain point

Download the review and Q&A as excel in one click on the Listing page.

10. Listing image/A+Image/Customers Image Download

Download the Listing image, A+image, customer image with one click on the Listing page.

11. Amazon Page Bookmark-support sync bookmarks in different browsers

Bookmark the Amazon page, including the search result page, rank list, Listing page. Learn more

12. Market Report-provide all data points needed for market analysis
Generate a report on the search result page for market analysis. Learn more

13. Brand Checker
Check whether your Listing title and bullet points use the unauthorized brand words.Learn more.

More powerful features:
1. Get the data for the keywords you searched on the Amazon search box.

2. View the hijacker’s location info on the page where sellers can sell products others are selling.

3. SellerSprite’s extension has FBA profitability calculator, google trends, etc, and all search results can be exported!

Thousands of Amazon Sellers are using SellerSprite’s extension, install now.

Frequently Asked Questions about SellerSprite Extension:
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2. How to Activate SellerSprite’s Extension?

3. The Impact on SellerSprite Extension When You Enable Amazon’s Translation Function.

abhi 2021-02-08 14:54
I can not see any fba listing, i can only see fbm???
blackflash 2021-01-20 14:33
how to export reviews<br>
psycleworks 2020-03-05 08:04
Currently I'm using Chrome browser language in Korean, but want to use sellersprite chrome extension in English instead of Chinese. Please advise if this is possible. Thank you for your help.