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3 steps to grow your Amazon business

Install SellerSprite extensionBrowse on AmazonGet the late data automatically
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Product Quick View: Information at a Glance

  • View detailed data regarding a listing without entering the product page
  • Gain insight into competitor listings quickly and efficiently
  • See number of sellers, fulfillment type, unit sales, listing variations, publication date, and more
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Market Research: Analyze Sub-Markets Relevant to Your Products

  • Instantly generate a 26+ dimension market analysis report from a search results/Best Sellers page
  • Research market trends based on custom searches, competitor product pages in the click of a button
  • Improve market research efficiency while gaining sweeping insights into the current climate of your sub-market
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Product Research: Learn Your Competitor’s Strategies

  • Dive into 20M unique datasets updated in real-time which paint a hyper-realistic picture of current market/sub-market trends
  • Access competitor sales trends, reviews, gross margin, category-unique BSR directly from Amazon
  • Export detailed data analysis reports locally for any given listing directly from Amazon
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Keyword Mining

  • Harness a database of 8,800,000+ keywords bearing unique datasets
  • See any keywords monthly search volume, historical trends, suggested PPC bid and more
  • Access integrated Google Trends reports on every and any keyword, granting you the means to a near-numinous understanding of consumer searches
  • Get Keywords: Gather every related and/or long-tail keywords for an entered keyword
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Reverse ASIN Keywords

  • Generate a list of the most powerful keywords currently utilized by competitors on the market
  • Reveal every keyword used by competitors to drive traffic onto the particular listing page
  • Understand each keywords particular value to the entered listing
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Reimagined Keepa Replacement

  • Complete Keepa replacement showing histories of the listing
  • Review historical data for every item listed on Amazon, including listing price, BSR, etc.
  • Explore the largest Amazon Search Database on the market
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Batch Product Reviews, Listing Photos Download

  • Download all customer reviews and Q&As for any listing in one-click
  • Receive a zipped file folder of every product listing photos and/or A+ Images through the press of a button
  • Gain unique insight into consumer demand through mass local review analysis
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