Fabulous Tools For Amazon Sellers On A Tight Budget


Whether you’ve had an Amazon business for months, years or are just starting out, every business owner has one goal in his mind - i.e.,  to increase and maintain sales. Obviously, increased sales mean more customers and this, in turn, leads to the growth of the brand in general.

It also means that more and more people are trying out and reviewing the products sold by Amazon sellers, and the list of customers interacting with the business is also experiencing a growth pattern. There are certain Amazon marketing and advertising strategies that can help you enhance your reputation as a seller and easily increase Amazon sales.

This is the reason why we have listed some of the best marketing tools to increase the sales of your Amazon store. These tools can help bring recognition for your brand and customers, sales, and eventually more profits for your business.

Seller Sprite

SellerSprite is one of the most cherished Amazon product research tool, because of its product  & market choice and keyword optimization enhancement highlights. What's more, Seller Sprite additionally gives a keyword tracker which shows the day by day rankings of your preferred products for any catchphrase. Their business tracker causes you watch out for the business volume and verifiable deals for any Amazon item. The what tops off an already good thing, in any case, is their item tracker - with this, you can follow surveys, costs, Q and A's, evaluations and BSRs of your rival's items just as your own. 

Add to this the enchantment of Reverse ASIN Lookup for every one of the 9 commercial centers, and you have a significant power to deal with. 

SellerSprite offers you a free preliminary variant for all highlights. This across the board apparatus causes you to order exact information from your rivals with the goal that you can apply the gaining from the perceptions you make, into your own business. While you can utilize the free arrangement with restricted choices for whatever length of time that if it's not too much trouble there are paid month to month plans with higher exploration constrains as well. The Standard arrangement is valued at $69, while the Advanced and VIP plans cost $138 and $189 separately.


Undoubtedly, Sellics is one of the most trusted and successful tools when it comes to all-in-one Amazon FBA solutions. It effectively blends seven critical areas of your Amazon FBA business: search engine optimization, reviews, pay-per-click, competitor monitoring, research, and inventory management.

This tool helps Amazon sellers benefit from translated data and metrics into actionable steps to enhance their business practices. The best thing is that these steps can then be easily followed when the right time comes for action. You can find two versions of the Sellics tool: Seller Edition and Vendor Edition. The former is for Amazon sellers and comes to them from an organization that has been successful in developing and supporting big brands with multinational dollar revenue scales. The latter is for businesses that sell directly through the Vendor Central interface of Amazon.

There is no denying the fact that FBA business owners often feel they are spinning more plates than they can manage. Sellics makes the whole Amazon experience delightful for FBA business owners. With Sellics, you get access to critical sales data that includes PPC costs, sales velocity, competition comparisons, refunds, profits, and promotions. Not only this, you can make use of the Amazon sales rank tool which includes sales rank, sales volumes, pricing history, and product tracking. 

The list of advantages associated with Sellics does not end here as this is one of the best amazon tools. You can even reap the advantages of PPC management suite which gives you complete control of your pay-per-click campaign outside Seller Central, where you can access analytics by advertisement group,  keyword and campaign. The amount incurred on Sellics depends on your Amazon FBA turnover. Realistically, prices start at $47 a month assuming an FBA turnover of $1k-$60k and one annual payment. If you’re unsure whether or not to buy Sellics, you can avail a 14-day free trial without having to  your card.

FeedbackWhiz (FW)

Rated high by industry critics, this one is something that you must have in your arsenal of tools!

FeedbackWhiz is more than just feedback and reviews! You can use this tool to cover customer data, orders, reviews, feedback, email automation, and analytics. The interesting thing is that FW syncs everything into an easy-to-use, neat and tidy platform. Unarguably, FW is the right and best Amazon tools for sellers if they are looking to spend less time clicking through different tabs and more time on critical operations of their business.

Another big advantage is the FeedbackWhiz platform, wherein each feature is executable exceptionally well. Another thing that you will come to admire is the emailing and order management tool that can be easily and quickly setup to respond to customer queries and issues promptly.

Not only this, the email customization options FeedbackWhiz provides you with are wonderful, to say the least. You can make use of predefined email sequences that tailor to the buyer behaviors and your specific products. You can also make use of a wide range of custom variables such as custom HTML, GIFs, emojis, attachments, and more. The delightful user experience with FeedbackWhiz helps you keep track of the performance of your products and business and compare present-day trends with past trends to stay on top of everything.

FeedbackWhiz can also be used for customer data management, email automation, order management, intensive analytics, overall feedback optimization and review management.

At an astonishingly low price of $15 a month, you can access a wide range of state-of-the-art email tools and unlimited marketplaces. If you want to unlock some additional features, you can pay $30 a month and get Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) monitor, product review targeting, and product review manager. You can even sign up for a free trial with FeedbackWhiz to find out how it can benefit your business in more than just a way.


If you like diving into a lot of data and calculating exactly what is working, CashCowPro is something that you just cannot miss out on. It represents Net Profit figures (as both $ and %) and calculates your return on investment from the compiled data. Obviously, this provides a robust 'health check' for your Amazon FBA business. You can even use CashCowPro to access session data, page views, conversions, and sales. The ability to track practically everything will help you fully understand what needs to stay, what has to go away and how you can improve.

CashCowPro also allows you to have a close look at the stock keeping unit (SKU) data through sales process data analysis. You can even easily and quickly perform keyword tracking of up to 100 products. Not only that, you can even make use of automated feedback collection (includes unlimited emails)  to give your business a great opportunity to benefit from optimized send times. If you want to access actionable tips to stay ahead of the competition, you can make smart use of page views and conversion data. You can even use Global bestsellers’ analysis for shortlisting the best products to sell on Amazon. You can get CashCowPro for $49.97 a month.


By using these fabulous tools for Amazon sellers, you can build and grow your business exponentially in countless ways. They can help you keep the prices of products competitive and sharper and extend your reach to new markets, better opportunities and more customers. Furthermore, these tools will also assist you to identify innovative ways to sell your products across the globe. All in all, these Amazon Seller tools will give you the distinct edge you need to stay competitive and profitable in the long run.

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