How to Create an Amazon High Conversion Listing and Plan the Corresponding Promotion Scheme?


1. Basic steps and methods of creating Listing
1) Establish a keyword database

     · Collect ASINs with top BSR ranking and similar to your own products, and then distinguish them by title, bullet point, and description/A+.
     · Collect these ASINs’ reviews and Q&A.
     · If you already have products in your storefront, you can collect and categorize the keywords of high CTR and CVR from sponsored campaigns.
     · Brand Analysis (BA).
01. Through top sellers’ ASINs reverse check the category’s big words.
02. Through ASINs with similar product type reverse check exact words/long-tail words.
03. Look up some other small words and long-tail words through the key big words above.
     · Amazon search box associative words/category keywords.
     · Competitors’ A+ image naming (it generally will be traffic words or no.1/2/3)
2) Keyword processing
     · Collect keywords to do word frequency statistics, and select high-frequency keywords.
     · Divide the collected keywords into exact words, long-tail words, and big words.
It needs to sort out the top-ranked words, selling points, and keywords.
3) Title/selling points writing
It can refer to the ASINs keywords collected above, which is not only for buyers to see but also for Amazon robots to recognize.
     · Title: "brand + main keywords, second keywords + product features".
     · Selling Points: write it in the order of importance. Each selling point is distilled into a subtitle and placed in the front.
4) Image production
Note: the main text in the image should also be based on the idiomatic expression of customers in reviews and Q&A.
     · Main image
The main image of a Listing is very important. Therefore, the main picture should be done well. It is better to use rendered images rather than real shot images. You can prepare multiple images to test at the same time. Although Amazon requires an image with a white background, the actual scene graph can also be used, but marks such as warranty cannot be used in the image.
     · Sub-image
It is also very important. According to the importance of selling points, there can be 9 images in total, but the last two need to be opened to see; If there is a video, the first 6 images will be shown, and the last 3 will be shown after clicking the image. So show the key selling points in the first 6 images. At the same time, the main image and the sub-image will be shown again in the “Product Image Gallery” on the mobile phone.
     · A+ GIF
GIFs can be appropriately placed in A+ to increase product effects, especially the lighting product. However, it should be noted that such dynamic images may slow down the loading speed of the page.
     · A+ design
Image keywords are also filled in product keywords, do not simply write no.1/2/3. Here is a way to find out how image keywords in competitors’      · A+ are written:Take the ASIN-B00VH84L5E of Anker as an example:

Click and drag the mouse to select these images, “Ctrl+C”, then create a new Excel sheet, double-click one of the cells, and paste to see how the competitors’ images are named.

01. Reasonable typesetting.

At present, there are altogether 7 templates, but it is necessary to pay attention to the reasonable typesetting. Most purchases are done on the mobile terminal, if you use a lot of small images of 300*300 or 220*220, A+ display on the mobile terminal will be very long, which is not conducive to customer experience.
02. Differences between the mobile terminal and the PC display.
     · A+ on the mobile terminal is displayed before the bullet point.
     · The mobile terminal is friendly to the small image of 300*300, but the big image of 970*300 is not as clear as the PC terminal.
5) Video production
First of all, you need to judge whether this video should be live-shot, 3D rendering animation, or a combination of the two.
     · Listing Video
01. If the use of the product is complicated, you can introduce the product usage and selling points.
02. If the use of the product is simple, you can directly highlight the selling point of the product without introducing how to use the product.
03. For electronic products, it is recommended to use 3D rendering video, which is easier to attract customers with cool effects, of course.
     · Sponsored Brand Video (SBV)
01. It can be made by editing a part from the Listing video. The requirements are simple, and highlight the selling points of products in a short time.
02. You can also make a separate sponsored product/brand video. The time should not exceed 20 seconds. Generally, customers have no patience to watch video ads for so long.

2. Product promotion
The main factors affecting the promotion or reaching the target sales in the early stage:
01. Product competitiveness
02. Listing quality(including the text, image, and video)
03. Quality of previous reviews(images, videos, long text)
04. Promotion means(mainly refers to the sponsored campaign on Amazon)

Main channels of paid traffic on Amazon:
1) Advertising

     · Do not advertise in the pre-sale period.
     · Both manual and automatic campaigns are recommended.
The advertising structure and keyword layout need to be prepared before Listing is launched.
01. The effect of automatic campaigns is proportional to the quality of Listing. The system has a learning and recognition process.
02. The effect of manual campaigns is directly proportional to the keyword selection skill.
     · Advertise without reviews?
The answer is yes, but it is necessary to control the budget and also depends on the actual performance of the AD and the promotion budget. If the AD performance is good and the ACOS is lower than or close to the profit margin, then you can advertise.
     · Regular optimization.
Download the AD report every 1-2 weeks to optimize. In the early stage, you need to pay more attention to the ads to see the effect.
     · Attach importance to SBV (Sponsored Brand Video).
It was released in the second half of last year. Previously, it could only be placed by advertising managers, so the effect is quite good at present. It obviously depends on the quality of the product and the video.
     · Advertising bidding strategy.
In fact, it depends on the target and budget. In the early stage, you can "lower price only"; If the budget is still enough, the “fixed bidding” can be used, and adjust the bidding at the same time.
     · The advertisement did not show.
There are basically two reasons:
01. Bidding: change the bidding strategy to “fixed bidding” and increase the bidding.
02. Relevance: change keywords or put AD keywords to the product details page.
2) Coupon
It is recommended to use coupon in the early promotion. If the profit margin is sufficient, you can create large discounts, and combine it with Deal and advertising.
In the later period, you can consider canceling coupon to improve the profit margin. For products with low unit prices, the fee of 0.6$ charged by coupon is also quite a lot.
3) Deal
Be sure to apply for deals if inventory and profit margins allow, try several different deals, and evaluate the effect. Note that deals such as PD and BF must be applied for. Such a big promotion is not just traffic, but more like a screening test.

Finally, here are a couple of statistics:
01. 54% of product searches occur on Amazon;
02. 66% of clicks occur on the first page;
03. 36% of clicks occur on the first two products of the first page(including sponsored products)
From the official data, you can see the importance of making your product to the first page.

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