With a limited budget, should I launch new products or ASINs with development potential on Amazon?


“Launch all ASINs to consumers at one time."
“According to the characteristics of different ASINs and consumers, sell selectively.”
Whether you have an adequate budget and want to try all sponsored products, or the budget is limited, we advise you to develop targeted advertising strategies.

1. Complete the four-quadrant classification based on the characteristics of ASINs.
Know your own ASINs and classify them into the four quadrants! Through classification, you will find that some products are temporarily not suitable for advertising (such as some categories with numerous variants), and other products need to be sponsored or even increase the advertising budget!

When using the image above, the life cycle value can be set according to the actual situation. For example, if you sell mobile phones, the product life cycle is generally 1-2 years. You can try to use 1 year as a point. In addition to the life cycle and sales, the classification metrics of “glance view” and “conversion rate of orders” can also be included in your reference. Through classification, resources can be skewed to ASINs with high page views and conversion rates.

2. Match appropriate ASINs for different consumers.
After completing the ASIN classification, you need to select the corresponding category of ASIN according to the characteristics of consumers at different shopping stages.

Note: ASINs of different classifications have different strategies.

     · Use the main ASIN and emerging ASIN to drive all store sales→Best selling products drive the ordinary ones.
     · Accumulate reviews and word of mouth with the potential ASIN and long-tail ASIN→Improve the quality of Listing

3. Customize the appropriate sponsored campaign for each category of ASIN.
According to the priority order of using ads, we will interpret the advertising strategy and place method for each quadrant:

Emerging ASIN: With the characteristics of new products and best-selling products, product promotion, and brand promotion together can maximize the advertising effect!

Compared with the Main ASIN, the Emerging ASIN that can enter the maturity period earlier and help you increase sales faster should be more valued, when considering the store advertising!(PS: Compared with the Main ASIN, Emerging ASIN is more suitable for brand promotion!)

Main ASIN: The key to driving the whole store sales, and should focus on brand building.

Make full use of the best-selling product value and the leading role of the Main ASIN as the competitiveness and brand defense.

Potential ASIN: Although there is no sales flywheel, increasing visibility can increase sales.

For some ASIN with potential, we can try to use brand promotion to increase the exposure, but it needs to control the budget.

Long-tail ASIN: The minimum budget allocation can be set based on the actual situation.

Long-tail ASIN is mostly old and popular. If you have a very unique subdivided category, high-quality Listing, and stable sales, and want to further capture orders through advertising, then you can allocate an appropriate budget to promote the long-tail ASIN.

     · Main ASIN and Emerging ASIN are the main force to help you improve exposure and sales, so they tend to open all sponsored campaigns.
     · The more new products, the more suitable for brand promotion, helping you quickly increase exposure.
     · Potential ASIN can rely on the Main ASIN and Emerging ASIN to drive higher exposure and sales.
     · If you still have capacity and resources, you can also try to do product promotion for the long-tail ASIN.

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