How to do product selection in the second half of 2020 on Amazon?


AS coVID-19 has forced more people to shop online, US e-commerce sales are expected to increase by 18% to 709.78 billion in 2020, accounting for 14.5% of total U.S. retail sales, according to the latest estimate released by market research agency eMarketer.

Tips: The article covers hot selling products of 3C, manufactured, mother and baby toys, health and beauty, and hair products.

1. 3C Products

01 Switch Case

Let's take the popular game console ‘Switch’ as an example. Thanks to the promotion of the Stay at Home Economics, the price of Switch has soared during the epidemic. Until recently, the supply has increased and the price gradually fell. But the Switch supply should be a big problem. The purchase channels still need to be explored.

Compared with the high unit price of Switch, sellers can sell some Switch peripheral products, such as the Switch lite case and the accessories - storage bags, protective shells, silicone cases, protective films, etc.

Price range: $2-$10

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However, it should be noted that some products and accessories of Switch peripheral need to be adapted to popular host models. Some of the components also have patents, UL certification, and other intellectual property issues to consider.

02 Microphone

It is mainly the smartphone microphone, which can be connected to a mobile phone, computer, or laptop via wired or wireless to record music, video, and calls. For such products, consumers are more concerned about the price and sound quality of the product.

Price range: $4-$60

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03 Wifi Repeater

European and American consumers may mostly live in large houses, and a single wifi signal source cannot cover everywhere. During the epidemic, the scenario of working and studying at home gave rise to the market demand for wifi repeater, especially the US market. Consumer demand for such products is multi-brand compatibility and strong signal.

Price range: $5~$25

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It should be noted that for products such as wifi repeater, sellers need to have relevant certification in the target market, such as the FCC certification in the United States.

2. Manufactured Products

This category covers a wider range, such as some kitchen utensils, personal cleaning utensils, and even beauty utensils. The main consumer groups of such products are mainly housewives and salarymen, who care more about the cost performance and personalization of the products. In addition, since many of them are consumables, the frequency of purchase will be relatively high.

01 Spray Bottle, Small Perfume Atomizer, Perfume Sample Vials

This product has a wide range of uses, such as repackaged hand sanitizer, alcohol disinfectant, moisturizing spray, etc. Consumers’ demands are repeated use, good sealing, and easy to carry.

Price range: $0.12-$0.36

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Sellers can design some personalized patterns or shapes according to market heat, or some stickers and labels for consumers to DIY.

02 Vacuum Sealer

European and American consumers focus on product power, function, and size, which should be portable and convenient for storage.

Price range: $20-$50

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03 Mylar Bags, Smell Proof Bags

European and American consumers are concerned about the capacity of the product, as well as the safety, including whether the material is safe, suitable for temperature, seal, easy to clean, etc.

For sellers, such products threshold is lower, but what needs to pay attention to is that as long as it involves food-related products, the quality must be strictly controlled, including the taboos of product use, such as whether you can use microwave ovens, whether the high-temperature resistance and the critical value of the use temperature should be clearly reflected in the manual.

Price range: $0.1-$1.5

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3. Mother and Baby Toys

During the epidemic, teenagers and students spent a lot more time at home, and parents spent more time with their children, so the demand for maternal and child products, including toys, increased. Consumers have higher quality and safety requirements for these products.

01 Baby Socks Floor Non-slip

For such products, consumers focus on the safety of product materials, the comfort of wearing, anti-skid function, size, and durable life, and whether it will distort and fade after cleaning.

For sellers, qualified quality and safety of such products are the first elements, with high entry barriers and strict entry standards for overseas markets.

Price range: $1-$2

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4. Health and Beauty Products

Health and beauty products mainly focus on manicure and eye makeup, like nail tools, nail sets, makeup brushes, false eyelashes, etc. Such products are consumable, with a high repurchase rate and a high demand.

01 Nail Clipper

Consumers focus on whether the tool category is complete and the product is easy to use, such as whether it conforms to ergonomic design, whether it is anti-skid, sharp, and safe. In addition, the design of product packaging and storage boxes is also a point of consumer concern, which needs to be novel in design and easy to store.

Price range: $3-$10

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02 Makeup Brush

Consumers care about the product's comfort and materials.

Price range: $5-$12

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03 Magnetic Lashes

For such products, consumers focus on material and appearance issues, such as the softness of the material, the strength of paste, color, thickness, etc.

Sellers should pay attention to the makeup habits of consumers in different markets. For example, European and American pursue "curly and thick", highlighting three-dimensional and sexy; while Asian consumers pursue naturally.

In addition, sellers can also create a combo of eyelash care liquid, double eyelid stickers, and other products.

Price range: around $5

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5. Hair Products

The best-selling categories are hair removal kits and hair products, such as hair removal, hair clippers, men's razors, and hair dyes, hair straighteners, hair curlers, etc. Therefore, consumers focus on the convenience and safety of such products.

01 Hair Clipper

Such products should be complete, including calipers of various sizes, cleaning tools, etc.

Price range: $20-$30

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02 Hair Ties

The characteristic advantages of such products are design sense and cost performance. Because it is consumable and easy to lose, so sellers should consider the storage function of the packaging box.

Price range: $1-$5

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