Top Growing Categories on Amazon During the Coronavirus Crisis


There is a change in consumer shopping trends on Amazon as a result of the global pandemic. The following are the top five main categories that have seen the most growth from February to March 2020 on three key markets (USA, Germany, Italy).
The United States






The coronavirus pandemic’s impact on each category(by March 23, 2020)

Health & Household (-18% in the US, -8% in Germany, -28% in Italy)
The Italian market’s purchases in this category have remained constant since the advent of the pandemic. The US market saw a steady increase through February, which peaked during the second week of March, followed by a slight decline then. Interestingly, Germany’s purchases in this category followed a very similar trajectory.
Grocery & Gourmet Food (+30% in Germany, +5% in the US)
The US and German marketplaces saw the fastest growth in this category at the end of February and the second week of March. With limited food selection available on elettronica, libri, musica, fashion, videogiochi, DVD e tanto altro, demand has not been growing. Italians generally prefer to purchase food and especially produce from small grocery stores, not shopping online for food.
Patio, Lawn & Garden (+319% in Germany, +133% in the US, -4% in Italy)
The Italian market has not seen much growth in this category, which may have something to do with demand. While both Germany and the US markets see a significant increase in demand.
Video Games (+531% in the US, +499% in Germany).
As far as entertainment goes, this hobby is not quite as popular in Italian households, while the United States and Germany contribute a lot for global video game revenue.
Sports & Outdoors (+108% in Italy, +38% in Germany)
This category is likely to have peaked in Italy, seeing an increase of 299% during the second week of March. It is expected that the Germany and the US markets will maintain the growth.
DIY & Tools (+46% in Italy)
While you are spending more time in your home it makes sense to invest in its improvement.
Beauty (+12% in Italy)
Office Products (+21% in Italy)
Toys & Games (+69% in Germany, +49% in the US)
Arts; Crafts & Sewing (+58% in the US)
Musical Instruments (+31% in Italy, +11% in the US)

Consumer Shopping Trends: United States


Proving Americans' love for Video Games, the US market is experiencing a massive increase in sales for the Nintendo Switch, growing by 2,979% since the beginning of the year!
With ‘Outdoor Storage’, ‘Patio Furniture & Accessories’, and ‘Gardening & Lawn Care’ all experiencing growth rates between 198% and 438%, consumers in the US worked to improve their backyards during the epidemic.
Because everyone stayed at home and could not engage in outdoor activities, many people chose to buy DIY products to entertain themselves. Sales of musical instruments are also increasing. In other forms of indoor entertainment, ‘Puzzles’ purchases increased by 187%.

Consumer Shopping Trends: Germany


German consumers share the US’s appreciation for the Nintendo Switch, showing an impressive 844% growth. Playstation 4 also did well, up 687%. The next surge in game-spending would take place just before Christmas.
Like American consumers, Germans are entertaining themselves by making handicrafts, and sales are soaring. ‘Garden Furniture & Accessories’ increased by 495% and ‘Flowers & Plants’ increased by 754%.
German ‘Sports & Outdoor’ activities remain strong at the overview level, including ‘Skateboarding’ (+400%) and ‘Skateboarding & Rollerblades’ (+951%) seeing very significant growth. It may be caused by social distancing directives amid coronavirus concerns.
In addition, the sales of ‘Table Tennis’ increased by 725%, which is small and can be played either indoors or into their own backyards.

Consumer Shopping Trends: Italy


Significant growth in ‘Paintings And Treatments For Walls’(+353%), ‘Materials for DIY’(+124%), ‘Products for Construction’(+74%), and ‘Electric & Hand Tools’(+38%) show that Home Improvement is so far one of the strongest consumer trends this year for Italy.
‘Beauty’ is also selling well, with sales of ‘Mani Pedi’ increased by 148% and ‘Bath And Body’ increased by 59%.

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