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How to do Amazon Market Research with SellerSprite New Feature —— Custom Category
Product selection is essentially selecting a subdivided market, and the definition of the subdivided market is generally based on the Top100 samples, so the selection of samples is the premise of market analysis. The setting of a subcategory becomes a marketing tool now.
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How to judge the trend of Amazon market 2020
As an Amazon seller, in order to make the category we intend to develop and operate go further and wider in the future, we used multiple ways to obtain historical data to predict the future development trend of this category.
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Analyze Your Great Startup Idea With New Method 2020 -- Category Research
Every Amazon FBA seller knows to do product research to find profitable products , But just doing product research can help you to find winning products on Amazon without "chicken ribs" products? Here I will introduce you a new analysis method- category research.
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