Be careful to avoid those big pits in Amazon operations


We sell products on Amazon in order to make money, but many people think that selling products on Amazon is costly (product cost, logistics, Amazon platform costs, warehousing, hiring costs), and many sellers are unknowingly I invested a lot of money and killed a lot of accounts, so we have to know clearly what is our untouchable line of thinking in Amazon operations. We have to avoid the big pits in Amazon operations.

A 7-figure Amazon seller in China has summarized the following pits that need to be avoided based on years of experience selling on Amazon.

“Set a budget and plan your finances to be able to cover your amazon business,  don't invest too much in the beginning”, and “Do not put all eggs in one basket”.

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement , but excessive optimism can prove to be blinding , so we have to be clear about our business, It is very necessary to make a reasonable budget plan in the midst of starting and running your business. Minimize your upfront investment and test the market. If you succeed, then sum up the experience to build the model and then copy it quickly. In addition to paying running business, it's important to set aside money and look into growth opportunities.

For selecting product to sell on Amazon, you should avoid the following mistakes:

  1. Avoid stocking many different products, thinking about finding Inelastic Demand products;
  2. Avoid big, heave and difficult to ship products;
  3. Avoid trademarked products and counterfeits;
  4. Avoid choose products with your own preferences, ignoring the needs of the market;
  5. Avoid highly competitive, low-priced products that are dominated by big seller, such as Shenzhen's “Three Treasures” (Mobile phone case, USB cable, Charger);
  6. Avoid over pursuit of differentiation, exclusive model and upgrading products, which are time-consuming, there is gap between expectation and market may results in a high trial-and-error cost;
  7. Avoid seasonal goods;
  8. Avoid Selling Products On Amazon In Categories Dominated By Big Brands.

However, you don't have to worry in selecting products. The product research function of SellerSprite 2.0 will help you choose the right product. You can learn how to use the product research function to select a profitable product from the tutorial video.

When launching new products and shipping goods, you should pay attention to avoid the following situations:

  1. The product is in the wrong category, will be removed;
  2. Misuse of Variation Listings, they will to be split;
  3. If the size is incorrectly filled, the cost of Amazon is higher than the actual one;
  4. Frequent deletion of the shipping plan during FBA shipment, resulting in the FBA shipment eligibility of the account is prohibited;
  5. Filled in the trademark name at random when you launching the product, resulting in the infringement being removed from the sales authority.

When running the Amazon business, avoid to violate intentionally or unintentionally the following rules:

  1. Making fake orders and fake comments, using black technology, etc., resulting in the account being removed from the sales authority;
  2. Quality of products is poor, delivery is too slow, bad customer service , Amazon will suspend or terminate your account for a high ODR;
  3. Incorrectly setting up promotions, a large number of low-priced orders appear in a short period of time, resulting in serious loss of profits;
  4. Incorrectly setting up advertisement, leads to spending over budget;
  5. The spiral model is used for price and sales when the product is launching, inadequate follow-up, resulting in excessive losses; The price increase of the product is too large, causing the shopping cart to be lost or being judged to manipulate sales by the Amazon system.

For competition and competitors, pits that may be encountered include:

  1. Malicious attacks on opponents or malicious attacks by competitors: Complaints about selling, Bad reviews, Clicks on a competitor's ppc ads, hijack competitor's listing , Quality and Security issues after purchase;
  2. Listing was secretly changed to the adult product attribute by competitors and to be  blocked by the system.

In terms of platform rules, pits that sellers can easily fall into :

  1. Infringement, quality problems, certification problems, plug problems (such as the British market is wrongly issued as a European plug, which is illegal in the UK, many careless sellers have suffered deeply), including security issues, such as there is no CE certification for electronic products, no UL certification, no CPC certification for toy products, etc. The result of these cases is that the listing is deleted, and serious, may result in the removal of sales rights;
  2. Change your bank account information when the business running, resulting in the account sales authority was removed:Different bank accounts fee is different,also in customer service,if you want to change your bank account info,there is a three-day security hold goes into effect. Fund transfers cannot be initiated until the hold expires. Before changing the information, it is best to open the case to contact Amazon customer service, explain the situation to the customer service, and let the customer service help you make notes in the background to avoid the removal of sales authority;
  3. Large fluctuations in sales may also result in the removal of sales rights;
  4. Products under certain categories require certification, such as the recent CPC certification for baby products and children's toys, the MFI certification, UL certification and authorization for Apple's product accessories, and the LED string may be required to submit a UL certification, etc., If there is no certification, the listing will to be removed;
  5. A violation of the Listing merge and the Review merge may be determined to manipulate the ranking, abuse variants, manipulate sales, etc., resulting in the account being deprived of sales authority.

Although for the seller, we may not be able to completely avoid any mistakes in the operation, but if we can keep these lessons in mind and turn these into our own common sense, we can take a lot of detours and let our own operations. More fluent, so that you can make money on Amazon.

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