What Are The New Amazon Brand Analytics Features?


Amazon Brand Analytics - a tool that brand sellers cannot miss

Brand Analytics is one of the functions provided by Amazon for registered brand sellers. It provides valuable analysis reports to help brand sellers make wise decisions about products and marketing.

It should be noted that this feature is only available to sellers who have a brand registry on Amazon.

This function is very useful for sellers, allowing you to better understand your target audience, make better decisions, and get more sales and profits.

Click “Reports” in the seller central to get the “Brand Analytics”.


It mainly provides the following three data reports:
   ·Amazon Search Term Report
   ·Market Basket Analysis
   ·Item Comparison and Alternative Purchase Behavior

1. Amazon Search Term Report
You can enter keywords or ASIN in this report for searching, and filter by departments. The time range of this report can be selected from daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly.


The following is a detailed explanation of the terms used in this report:
Search Term: The keywords searched by consumers, which can be short-tail keywords or long-tail keywords.
Search Frequency Rank: Search frequency ranking of keywords in a specific period. (While Amazon does not give the specific search volume, it is still helpful to know the popularity of keywords.)
# 1 Clicked ASIN: In the selected time period, the ASIN with the highest clicks according to the search results.
# 1 Product Title: Product name.
# 1 Click Share: In the selected time period, the percentage of this product’s clicks for the total clicks in all search results. For example, there are 1000 customers searching for "laptop bag", each customer clicks on 3 products, then the total number of clicks is 3000. Product A in all search results gets 500 clicks, so product A accounts for 16.67% of the total clicks under this search term.
# 1 Conversion Share: The percentage of this product’s conversions for the search term’s total conversions. For example, if the search term "laptop bag" has 1,000 sales and product A has gets 100 sales, then the conversion share of product A is 10%.

Since the highest clicks do not necessarily bring to the highest conversion, the product with the highest search frequency may differ from the product with the highest conversion share.


2. Market Basket Analysis


This report mainly provides relevant data for “Customers who bought this item also bought these items”, allowing sellers to better develop bundling strategies.

3. Item Comparison and Alternative Purchase Behavior


This report provides detailed data for “Compare with similar items” and “What items do customers buy after viewing this item?”.
With this data, you can view and analyze competitors’ products and understand why consumers choose their products over yours. If the alternative purchase is your other products, then you can also learn which products are more popular with consumers.

Brand Analytics report also provides two buttons, including:
   · Data Availability: Show the availability of Brand Analytics.


   · Metric Locator: Locate metrics within Brand Analytics.


The benefit of Brand Analytics
First of all, it is completely free and provides a wealth of valuable data that allows you to monitor competitors, determine key factors that drive sales, and maximize sales and clicks. What’s more, you can also know the shopping behavior of your target audience.

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