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【TOP】Announcement! SellerSprite becomes officially an Amazon SPN certified service provider
In November 2023, after Amazon’s qualification review, SellerSprite officially joined the Amazon SPN (Amazon Service Provider Network). This also means that SellerSprite has been fully recognized by Amazon in terms of reputation, service capabilities and brand influence.
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How Many Opportunities Are There in Amazon Spain, Italy, and Japan Marketplace
Many sellers who have succeeded on Amazon US are planning to expand more marketplace. When choosing a new marketplace, it is important to know in advance what categories are available and which subdivided markets have a larger capacity, less monopolistic, less competitive, and easier to enter.
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How To Select The BlueOcean Products with 50 Orders Per Day On Amazon
For a long time, most sellers used the traditional product research method: focus on the "Best Seller Rank", "Hot New Release" and "Movers & Shakers" all the time.
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Why is ACOS Higher When You Lower The Advertising PPC Bid
When running PPC ads on Amazon, many sellers lower their bids because ACOS is too high.
But the reality is always different from people's imagination.
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How to Adjust Bids Based On AD Placement On Amazon
Amazon PPC ads have multiple placements, including the top of the search results page, other placements, and product detail page. Obviously, the conversion rate, click rate, and cost-per-click vary greatly for each AD placement.
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Amazon Tips: How to Calculate Competitor's Product Listing Conversion Rate
If sellers know the conversion rate of competitors, they can understand the market reaction of the product, optimize the Listing, and adjust the SEO strategy. So how to get a competitor's conversion rate? We can utilize the Amazon Brand Analytics report.
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How To Create A Exclusive Keyword List With SellerSprite Keyword Research Tool
Make your own keyword list with SellerSprite keyword research tool, Refine your keywords list.
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Amazon SEO :The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Keyword Research 2020
How keyword setting is an obstacle for many Amazon sellers. After all, it is good for the increase of Listing traffic, as well as the stimulation of customers' shopping demand. How to set keywords? What channels can be used to get more traffic? We will do a comprehensive analysis.
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How to Use Google Trends to Find Best Selling Niche Trending Products for Amazon FBA Seller ?
With the rapid development of computer technology, the value of data is inestimable. How to capture effective information and create wealth? Google Trends is well worth researching.
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How to do Amazon Market Research with SellerSprite New Feature —— Custom Category
Product selection is essentially selecting a subdivided market, and the definition of the subdivided market is generally based on the Top100 samples, so the selection of samples is the premise of market analysis. The setting of a subcategory becomes a marketing tool now.
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How to Discover New Selling Product Ideas from Competitors ? Use Amazon Storefront Tracker To Be the First to Know Competitor's New Release
Keeping an eye on the top competitors. Not only monitor their strategic plans - but you also keep a track of their product additions. Why not pick up best-selling products from your competitors? Just track a best seller, and look through their product line!
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