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Two Search Methods for SellerSprite Keyword Mining Tool
Amazon keyword research is one of the most crucial steps for an Amazon seller or FBA seller product launch. The process involves choosing a focus keyword or long tail keywords to attract your target customers and also to boost up your ranking on Amazon.
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How To Create High-Converting Amazon Listings: Tips and Strategies
Discover essential tips and strategies to create high-converting Amazon listings. Optimize your product visibility and increase sales. Start improving today!
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Fabulous Tools For Amazon Sellers On A Tight Budget
By using these fabulous tools for Amazon sellers, you can build and grow your business exponentially in countless ways. They can help you keep the prices of products competitive and sharper and extend your reach to new markets, better opportunities and more customers.
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With a limited budget, should I launch new products or ASINs with development potential on Amazon?
“Launch all ASINs to consumers at one time."
“According to the characteristics of different ASINs and consumers, sell selectively.”
Whether you have an adequate budget and want to try all sponsored products, or the budget is limited, we advise you to develop targeted advertising strategies.
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Amazon Prime Day in October 2020
Recently, it was reported that Amazon Prime Day may be held in October. For Amazon sellers, Prime Day is the biggest shopping holiday in the summer. Amazon has not announced the specific date of Prime Day, which normally takes place in July, because of the outbreak of the epidemic.
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See the Amazon Listing Writing Ideas From “Anker”
In the fifth line of the description, Anker tells consumers what products they will receive, and emphasizes that they provide 18 months warranty and high-quality customer service, so as to resolve consumers' doubts in purchasing and facilitate them to make purchasing decisions quickly.
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How to do product selection in the second half of 2020 on Amazon?
AS coVID-19 has forced more people to shop online, US e-commerce sales are expected to increase by 18% to 709.78 billion in 2020, accounting for 14.5% of total U.S. retail sales, according to the latest estimate released by market research agency eMarketer.
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Top Growing Categories on Amazon During the Coronavirus Crisis
There is a change in consumer shopping trends on Amazon as a result of the global pandemic. The following are the top five main categories that have seen the most growth from February to March 2020 on three key markets (USA, Germany, Italy).
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10 tips for product selection on Amazon
When selecting products, you should look for the products that consumers want to buy. So first of all, you need to find out what kind of product makes consumers want to buy.
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How to leverage Amazon Brand Analytics to make your products be shown in “Frequently bought together” ?
Market Basket Analysis is a method of tracking the purchase behavior of consumers and understanding what customers often buy together when they buy your products.
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